Douglas Wilson

Douglas James Wilson and (born 18 June 1953) is a conservative Reformed evangelical theologian, pastor, faculty member at New Saint Andrews College, and prolific author and speaker.

Wilson earned a B.A. in classical studies and a B.A. and an M.A. in philosophy from the University of Idaho. In addition to his role as pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho, he is a Senior Fellow in Theology at New Saint Andrews College and editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine. He also serves on the governing boards of New Saint Andrews, Logos School (a Christian private school which he helped found), and the Association of Classical and Christian Schools. Wilson was instrumental in forming the Confederation of Reformed Evangelical Churches, a religious denomination that is small but influential beyond its size. He is married to Nancy Wilson and has three children, including N. D. Wilson, and 11 grandchildren. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)     

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