New Reviews: Biography, Mostly

Posted by Mark Tubbs
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September 16, 2008 @ 11:50 PM

We posted six reviews today. No fewer than three are autobiographical, one is biographical, and the remaining two are pleas for Christians and the Church to live more Christianly.

Trevin Wax does the heavy lifting, reviewing a new Oxford University Press release about theologian George Eldon Ladd, entitled A Place at the Table: George Eldon Ladd and the Rehabilitation of Evangelical Scholarship in America. Trevin assesses the book along the same lines as the DR review of Lyle Dorsett's recent book on A.W. Tozer.

Tim Challies, meanwhile, read prodigiously over the past two weeks. The book that impacted him most was Alexander Strauch's challenge to love as Christ loved, in Love or Die: Christ's Wake-up Call to the Church.

A child of an intact marriage himself, Tim appreciated the insider view provided by Kristine Steakley in her heartrending book, Child of Divorce, Child of God: A Journey of Hope and Healing.

Tim didn't enjoy former softcore movie maven Joe Eszterhas' post-conversion memoir nearly so much. Crossbearer: A Memoir of Faith suffers from an inconsistent message and an odd understanding of Christianity. It is an interesting book, hopefully not the definitive final word on Eszterhas' journey into true, biblical, Christian faith.

Finally, Tim reviews Stephen Altrogge's application of the gospel to sports involvement, Game Day for the Glory of God: A Guide for Athletes, Fans, Wannabes. The next time you give away a pair of tickets to the big game, present them as bookmarks in a copy of Altrogge's book.

Incidentally, I also happened to review a Stephen Altrogge book this week - one of the two he has written so far. The self-published My Friend, My Hero, My Dad: The Extraordinary Influence of an Ordinary Man is a call to godly parenting, not because Altrogge has got it all figured out, but because he was privileged to be raised by a godly father. This book is not available at Amazon, but you can view it on PDF or purchase it at The Blazing Center.

We'll have four, six, or even eight more reviews for you next week.