New Reviews: Better Late Than Never

Posted by Mark Tubbs
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October 12, 2008 @ 4:15 PM

I've been remiss in not posting this DR review update until this weekend - Thanksgiving weekend in Canada, as it happens. Aren't you thankful the update is posted now?

In the past couple of weeks a couple of reviews didn't get 'frontpaged' because they were already in the DR database, sans actual review: Martha Peace's The Excellent Wife, reviewed by Leslie Wiggins, and Steve Keels' Transparenting: Mentoring the Next Generation, recommended by Scott Lamb. Locate copies of both and let your family life be enhanced by sound biblical teaching.

I (Mark Tubbs) have only generated one review in the recent past, an engaging biography: Agape Leadership: Lessons in Spiritual Leadership from the Life of R.C. Chapman by Robert L. Peterson and Alexander Strauch, a condensed 'taster' of the longer, more in-depth Robert Chapman: Apostle of Love.

Appropriate to the current economic climate, Jacob Hantla has reviewed Mark Zandi's Financial Shock: A 360º Look at the Subprime Mortgage Implosion, and How to Avoid the Next Financial Crisis. Behind the extra-long subtitle, and despite the unfortunate fact that Zandi misjudged the timing of the current financial episode, is a simple and helpful guide for those who are looking for an economist's recommendations to weather the economic storm.

Jacob also reviewed John Frame's classic Apologetics for the Glory of God and C.J. Mahaney's newest book, Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World. He recommends reading both for the purpose of equipping the Christian against the arguments and enticements of the world.

Also salient to the current socio-political scene is James Anderson's review of Francis Beckwith's book Defending Life: A Moral and Legal Case Against Abortion Choice. Beckwith, a former evangelical professor who recently converted to Roman Catholicism, makes the simple but convincing case, in James' opinion, that abortion is morally wrong in every respect.

Two books on the subject of the preached Word were reviewed last week. Tim Challies is an Albert Mohler aficionado, so it's no surprise he enjoyed and recommends He Is Not Silent: Preaching in a Postmodern World, while Trevin Wax describes Mark Dever's approach to evangelism in the Reformed tradition (with a Southern Baptist flavor, of course) in Dever's book The Gospel and Personal Evangelism.

Trevin also recently read and reviewed a relatively unknown historical book, Prayin' to Be Set Free: Personal Accounts of Slavery in Mississippi, a collection of first-hand accounts from former slaves discussing the life of slavery, the American Civil War, and life after Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

Tim reviewed two other books last week. Death by Love: Letters from the Cross by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears, is Driscoll's best-ever book, in Tim's opinion. Meanwhile, Tim deems novelist Anne Rice's spiritual autobiography Called Out of Darkness: A Spiritual Confession "interesting enough," but hampered by weak theology and a slow start.

Enjoy perusing the reviews of the above-mentioned books. We'll be back with another batch of reviews in just a couple of days, on Tuesday, October 14th: Canada's federal election day.