Fatherhood, Before and After

Posted by Mark Tubbs
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January 04, 2011 @ 10:39 PM

Please forgive me for this late-in-the-day and ultra-brief post, but my wife is in the early stages of labor with our fourth child. It takes me back to the day that we had our first child. Before the birth I had been given a book called So You're Going to Be a Dad, whose author shall remain nameless. I did read it, and found it to be a volume rife with selfishness. I'm sure the author loves his children but to sell copies he adopted a tone that suggested they are an inconvience and a drag.

After the birth of our first child I began to understand fatherhood in a new way. To this day, when anyone asks which books I recommend for a man becoming a father for the first time, I list the following:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: Relationships, Roles, and Relevance by Bruce Ware (Crossway Books)

Children of the Living God by Sinclair Ferguson (Banner of Truth)

As of today, though I haven't had the pleasure of reading it, I would add Reclaiming Adoption: Missional Living Through the Rediscovery of Abba Father, edited by Dan Cruver (Cruciform Press)

Fatherhood: there's nothing like it in all the world.