People Think I Like Books...

Posted by Mark Tubbs
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January 25, 2011 @ 8:41 PM

...just because I write for Discerning Reader. And I do like books. Not any old book though.

When I did a stint as a Christmas rush clerk at Coles, the little brother of the Canadian Barnes & Noble equivalent, Chapters, I lost track of the amount of folks who assumed I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Not so much, and not only because I knew where to get the books I wanted at prices cheaper than Coles, even after my employee discount.

No, I wailed and lamented the paltry and pathetic Spiriuality section in that bookstore. The choice of Christian books ranged between C.S. Lewis, Rick Warren, Pope John Paul II, and Joel Osteen. I enjoy the first, would read the second if I had no other reading material in the dentist's waiting room, once waded through an overly-dense volume by the third when he was still alive, and don't get me started on the fourth.

But the Spirituality section wasn't the worst offender. Suspense Romance was just taking off then, and the bottom shelf of the Marriage aisle - if you catch my drift - was better stocked than most other sections.

Yes, I like the book as an object of art. No, I don't think the Kindle holds a candle to the physical artefact manufactured with paper and glue and sometimes thread. I'm not big on musty, dusty old volumes that sat on a bygone's celebrity's bookshelf and cost as much as an iMac.

What I am big on are books filled with God's truth, books that make me laugh, books that grow me and stretch me, books that tell a good story or put forward a good argument. Simple criteria, really.

One of my most prized, dog-eared, and re-read books is Alberto Manguel's A History of Reading. If you are a biblophile like me, or even a real one, you will love it. Bet you can't read it just once.