5 Memorable Reading Moments

Posted by Mark Tubbs
In News & Notes
June 22, 2011 @ 9:17 PM

Here are five memorable moments from my reading life.

1. During a short cottage vacation on Keats Island I began to read John Piper's Desiring God for the first time. My mistake was beginning it at bedtime. I was a bleary-eyed Christian hedonist by the next day.

2. Some Christians eat books on culture for breakfast; not me. But Chapter 7 of J. Mark Bertrand's Rethinking Worldview, titled "A City without Walls: Five Lessons for Siege Warfare," engrossed me so much with its Constantinopalian analogy that I was tempted to begin an M.A. in Byzantine Studies.

3. The far-fetched but nonetheless true (I think?) adventures of a photographer in the Arctic eating mice in order to experience the wolf diet in Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf springs to mind every time I think of mice or wolves.

4. While the realization that God experiences every moment right alongside us was an ordinary Eureka! moment when reading Robert Reymond's What Is God?, subsequent conversations in which I have deployed Reymond's argument and thereby stumped unsuspecting Bible college students have been priceless.

5. One sign of a gifted Bible teacher is the ability to explain orthodox Christian teaching in new and fresh ways without departing from the faith once delivered. Paul David Tripp's A Quest for More is a prime example of this, which I read while sitting in a local Starbucks one day. "Sitting" isn't quite accurate, as I jumped out of my seat at least twice while reading to do a little jig of joy. It wasn't the caffeine, folks.