Publisher Spotlight: Day One Publications Week 1

Posted by Mark Tubbs
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July 10, 2011 @ 1:46 PM

Reviewing activity on this site in 2010 and 2011 has been slim to none thanks in large part to sickness and seminary. Even so, many publishers have patiently waited for reviews and some have continued to send review copies even while the site has been all but silent. Now that Spring courses have wrapped up, we are launching a weekly reviewing initiative, partly to revitalize the site and partly to thank the publishers in some small way.

We begin this weekly series with Day One Publications. I had the privilege of meeting Jim Holmes, Day One's Director of Publications and Marketing, at the Moody Bible Institute Pastors Conference in 2009. I was impressed by his desire to hear what kind of publications we - the reading public - would be served by. Day One's books are characterized by the distinctive red-and-white design. You can always pick out a Day One book on a bookshelf.

This week the reviewing schedule will be as follows:

Monday: The Houses of Parliament: Cradle of Democracy by Andrew Atherstone

Wednesday: Help! Someone I Love Has Cancer by Deborah Howard

Friday: Twelve Hidden Heroes (OT) Book 2: More People in the Bible Who Did Brave Things for God by Rebecca Parkinson

Next week Lewis & Roth Publishers is on the docket for three reviews.