Screwtape on Equality Run Amok

Posted by Mark Tubbs
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August 16, 2011 @ 7:58 PM

ScrewtapeMy dear Wormwood,

In these early days of humanity's arbitrarily-numbered twenty-first century, many of our long-term strategies are coming to fruition in very encouraging ways. Chief among these advances would be the intentional – we might even call it overzealous – cultivation of human equality. I reference not the move toward equality in wider society, which will inevitably remain off-kilter as long as one group or another agitates for more equality than another. No, I refer rather to our efforts aimed toward our Enemy’s gathered people, the church. Our leader recognized many eons ago the possibility of using that infernal apostle’s conjunctive phrase written to the foolish Galatians (if you recall, “neither Jew nor Greek…slave nor free…male nor female”) against the church as a smothering device to squelch its very reason for being: to evangelize the nations and to encourage one another.

This is the natural – or should I say supernatural? – outcome of our strategy of more than one hundred human years ago. We were momentarily caught off guard when that rotund denizen of Christendom, the bespectacled Chesterton, put his finger on our efforts to sow “humility in the wrong place.” Daunted only for a moment, however, we perceived that the majority of the world – the majority of the church, even – would fail to listen to him. We perceived rightly. Resultantly, many followers of our Enemy now possess humility in the right place, as far as we are concerned: they consider it bad form at best, and supreme, “sinful” arrogance at worst, to evangelize others or even to encourage one another because it suggests they may be possessors of a superior spiritual experience!

From our vantage point as occupants of a different dimension, we are all too well aware that many of those followers  who shrink back from speaking of their spiritual experiences with others have indeed partaken of the supernatural energies of our Enemy. They may call these experiences “connecting” or “glory” or “manifest presence” or even – I shudder! – the “Holy Spirit.” But our smothering has worked wonders, and will continue to do so as long as at least a cross-section of his followers are more concerned for their own reputations than they are for others’ so-called salvation. Fall in line with this strategy, young Wormwood, and you will soon discover that the silence will result in widespread discouragement and fear, even as they see the End approaching.

Your uncle,