Incomprehensible Demoralization by Jared Combs

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

An interesting story but one that falls short of attributing the glory to God.

That I May Know Him by Vance Havner

We have not yet reviewed this title.

Amazing Grace in the Life of William Wilberforce by John Piper

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

A compelling introduction to Wilberforce the Christian, the author, and the politician.

Called Out of Darkness by Anne Rice

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

The book is interesting enough but displays some weak theology.

Agape Leadership by Alexander Strauch, Robert L. Peterson

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

Series of lessons in Christlike love exhibited by 19th century pastor R.C. Chapman.

A Place at the Table by John D'Elia

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

The book deals well with the subject's strengths and failings.

Crossbearer by Joe Eszterhas

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

An interesting memoir but one that too often seems to bypass grace.

John A. Broadus by David Dockery

Recommended by Scott Lamb.

An enjoyable biography of a lesser-known Baptist preacher.

Cornelius Van Til by John Muether

Recommended by Ian Clary.

For those interested in the nexus of the academy and the church, this is a necessary read