Church History

Uneasy in Babylon by Barry Hankins

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

An account of the SBC conservative resurgence from a moderate point of view.

Patron Saints for Postmoderns by Chris Armstrong

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

A book of saints' lives written on the premise that "there is no essence of Christianity that is not clothed in history."

The Irish Puritans by Crawford Gribben

Recommended by Ian Clary.

A dual history of the Irish Puritan movement and its chief embodiment, Archbishop James Ussher.

The New Shape of World Christianity by Mark Noll

Recommended by Tim Challies.

An interim report tracing the migration of Christianity from the Western hemisphere to the Majority world.

The Betrayal by Douglas Bond

Recommended by Tim Challies.

A fictionalized account of John Calvin's life, definitely worth a read.

A History of Pastoral Care in America by E. Brooks Holifield

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

A stand-out work in the rare genre of histories of pastoral counseling, helping trace the general movement within the field of pastoral care.

Augustine of Hippo by Peter Brown

Recommended by Keith Mathison.

A definitive biography of one of the Church's most prominent figures.

Is Rome the True Church? by Norman L. Geisler, Joshua Betancourt

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

A helpful resource outlining the issues at stake in this debate.

Worldly Saints by Leland Ryken

Recommended by Ian Clary.

An excellent apologetic on the real Puritans.

Minority Report by Carl R. Trueman

Recommended by Keith Mathison.

A diverse and devastating social critique.