Counsel from the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick, Dennis Johnson

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

The next generation text for Christian counselors and manual for Christian living for believers. This book excels at explaining the connection between the Christian gospel and Christian counseling.

Sacred Friendships by Robert Kellemen, Susan Ellis

Recommended by Leslie Wiggins.

Collected accounts from Christian history designed to represent women's voices in the art of soul care.

Trekking Toward Wholeness by Stephen Greggo

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

Professors, students, pastors, and committed lay small group leaders will all be equipped for the group journey by the seasoned guidance in this book.

Strength in Numbers by Mark E. Shaw

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

A helpful introduction to biblical counseling done two-by-two by God's people in the local church.

Real Church by Larry Crabb

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

Challenging insights for deepening congregational life, at times presented in a way that may come across as having "cornered the market" on a superior way of doing real church.

Why We Love the Church by Kevin DeYoung, Ted Kluck

Recommended by Tim Challies.

The two non-Emergent guys explain why they love the Church in all her glory and messiness.

Glory Road by Anthony J. Carter

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

Life-changing accounts of God's providential leading in bringing African American leaders to the truths of salvation.

A History of Pastoral Care in America by E. Brooks Holifield

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

A stand-out work in the rare genre of histories of pastoral counseling, helping trace the general movement within the field of pastoral care.

Competent to Counsel? by David Powlison

Recommended by Bob Kellemen.

A unique historical perspective on the birth and development of Jay Adam’s nouthetic counseling movement, written with historical objectivity by one close to the movement.

The Pastor As Minor Poet by M. Craig Barnes

Recommended by Chad Vandervalk.

A plea for pastor-poets in an age of entertainers.