Jonah & Micah by Richard Phillips

Recommended by Tim Challies.

A fine commentary on two minor prophets that is faithful to the biblical text and to a covenantal theological perspective.

King's Cross by Timothy Keller

Recommended by Tim Challies.

Keller doing what Keller does best: expounds the old, old gospel story in fresh, interesting, and accessible ways.

Opening Up 1 Corinthians by Derek Prime

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

A brief and balanced overview of this important epistle.

James by Daniel Doriani

Recommended by Scott Lamb.

A commentary that is expository, pastoral, and applicational.

Numbers by Iain Duguid

Recommended by Tim Challies.

Here is an energetic commentary that guides expository preachers through the book, employing a Christ-centered hermeneutic.

Psalms 76-150 by Steven Lawson

Recommended by Tim Challies.

Combines passionate Reformed theology, energetic expository preaching and committed evangelistic fervor together into a commentary accessible to any Christian.