Gladys Aylward by Janet Benge, Geoff Benge

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

A well-paced and inspiring missionary account, ideal for older children and their families.

Silent Voices by Clive Anderson, Ann Sloane

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

Simply but competently relates the maritime disaster of 100 years ago to contemporary life and faith.

The Celtic Way of Evangelism by George G. Hunter III

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

Lessons for evangelism and missional living from Celtic Christianity.

How to Give Away Your Faith by Paul Little

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

A classic and helpful (if imperfect) guide to biblical evangelism.

Know and Tell the Gospel by John Chapman

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

In his hallmark clear style, Chapman explains the gospel and suggests many practical ways to share it with unbelievers.

God-Centred Evangelism by Rienk Kuiper

Recommended by Keith Mathison.

Encouragement to pursue God-glorifying evangelism.

The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller

Recommended by Tim Challies.

An interesting and intellectual telling of Jesus' most powerful parable.

The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

Though Warren shares the gospel, he also shares a lot of non-gospel.

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

Provides a theological and practical guide to evangelism from within the Reformed tradition.

I Once Was Lost by Don Everts

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

A short book that contains a great amount of helpful material.