General Interest

Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

McLaren leads the Emerging Church ever-further from the gospel.

The Evolution Controversy by Thomas Fowler, Daniel Kuebler

Recommended by Keith Mathison.

A critical survey of the four main views on evolution and creation.

Art and the Christian Mind by Laurel Gasque

Recommended by Tim Challies.

A great place to begin when considering a Christian view of art.

Heaven is Real by Don Piper

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

Don Piper writes an even worse follow-up to his already bad bestseller

Rapture Fiction by Crawford Gribben

Recommended by Ian Clary.

A strong examination of the negative fallout of the rapture fiction genre.

On the Move by Bono

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

A call to action but at the expense of the truth of the gospel.

Masters of the Air by Donald L. Miller

Recommended by Tim Challies.

A thorough and readable history of the European air war.

The Language of God by Francis Collins

Recommended by Tim Challies.

An interesting but flawed attempt to reconcile the Bible with Darwinism

The Republic of Pirates by Colin Woodard

Recommended by Tim Challies.

Woodard tells the true story of Caribbean piracy and tells it well.

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

The world's most prominent atheist tries and ultimately fails to disprove God.