Old Testament

The Prophet and His Message by Michael J. Williams

Recommended by Chad Vandervalk.

Worthy reminder of the Church's prophetic task seen through the lens of the Old Testament.

I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution by Denis Lamoureux

Not recommended by James Anderson.

An irenic but ultimately unsatisfying attempt to reconcile evangelical theology with evolutionary theory.

The Whole Counsel of God, Volume 1 by Richard Gamble

Recommended by Ian Clary.

A hefty and valuable contribution not only to Old Testament studies, but as a model of theologizing.

The Bible Among the Myths by John N. Oswalt

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

An academic book on revelation and worldview from an excellent scholar and communicator.

The Christ of the Prophets by O. Palmer Robertson

Recommended by Keith Mathison.

There are few better guides through the Bible's prophetic books than this one.

Show Them No Mercy by Stanley N. Gundry

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

An intriguing read despite Western bias and inclusion of a liberal.

Jesus and Israel by David Holwerda

Recommended by Chad Vandervalk.

Outlines the relationship of Jesus and Israel.

The Gospel of Ruth by Carolyn Custis James

Recommended by Leslie Wiggins.

One bad chapter doesn't spoil the whole book, but certainly taints it.

Everlasting Dominion by Eugene Merrill

Recommended by Tim Challies.

Sure to become a classic in the field of biblical theology.