For God So Loved The World by Arie Leder

Recommended by Chad Vandervalk.

Exemplary collection on Reformed missiology.

Finding God in the Shack by Roger Olson

Not recommended by Tim Challies.

A poor theological analysis of an even poorer theological novel.

Jesus and Israel by David Holwerda

Recommended by Chad Vandervalk.

Outlines the relationship of Jesus and Israel.

We Become What We Worship by Gregory Beale

Recommended by Trevin Wax.

A terrific academic resource showing how idolatory weaves through Scripture.

Proclamation and Praise by Ron Man

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

Discover the Singing Christ in his continuing post-resurrection office of mediator.

Don't Stop Believing by Michael Wittmer

Recommended by Tim Challies.

Wittmer carefully and graciously shows that theology and compassion can and must go together.

Signs of the Spirit by Sam Storms

Recommended by Tim Challies.

A useful guide to Edwards' brilliant work.

The Law and the Saint by A.W. Pink

We have not yet reviewed this title.

The Doctrine of the Bible by David Dockery

We have not yet reviewed this title.