The Atonement Debate by Derek Tidball

Recommended by Scott Lamb.

An uneven but useful collection of essays that sets this debate.

The Courage To Be Protestant by David Wells

Recommended by Tim Challies.

A brilliant analysis of the current state of Protestantism.

Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

An exemplary handbook on worshiping and worship leading in the Church of Christ.

Evangelical Is Not Enough by Thomas Howard

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

Pays homage to evangelical Protestantism while asserting the superiority of liturgical corporate worship.

Faith Comes by Hearing by Christopher Morgan, Robert A. Peterson

Recommended by Scott Lamb.

A clarion call to embrace the biblical teaching of Christ, the only way of salvation for mankind.

Worship in Spirit and Truth by John Frame

Recommended by Ian Clary.

An excellent contribution on the subject of worship.

Bitesize Theology by Peter Jeffery

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

The big theological terms of the Bible spelled out in easy-to-understand language.

Luther as a Spiritual Advisor by Dennis Ngien

Recommended by Ian Clary.

A useful guide for pastors and any student of theology.

The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God by John Piper

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

A visually and verbally stunning retelling of the narrative of Job in coffee table format.

Sermons on the Lord's Supper by Don Kistler

Recommended by Mark Tubbs.

A useful tool for communion preparation.