Everlasting Dominion
A Theology of the Old Testament

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Discerning Reader Editorial Review

Reviewed 06/19/2007 by Tim Challies.

Recommended. Sure to become a classic in the field of biblical theology.

Drawing on decades of study and teaching the Old Testament, Dr. Merrill gives the church a jewel by presenting his magnum opus.

Merrill begins Everlasting Dominion with a history and defense of biblical theology, and lays out the method for completing the task. Merrill argues that biblical theology at its best allows the Bible to speak for itself, without bringing in preconceived ideas or extraneous theological ideas. He practices what he preaches by opening up the text, allowing the reader to see the theology of individual books as well as the unity of the whole Old Testament.

The obvious strength of this work is Merrill’s high view of Scripture as the inspired, authoritative Word of God. He is extremely knowledgeable of Old Testament scholarship, and so he is able to guide the reader through complicated issues. You will not devour this treasure quickly, but instead will find solid meat to chew on in meditation and delight. Merrill will reward you for taking your time with his writing. This is a highly recommended resource.