Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers
Learning from the Teaching Ministry of Jesus

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Discerning Reader Editorial Review

Reviewed 04/02/2008 by Scott Lamb.

Recommended. This study of Jesus Christ’s preaching will assist both the preacher and the congregation in their quests to honor the Lord with their respective responsibilities in worship.

One of the freebies given out at this year’s Shepherd’s Conference was this gem from Mike Abendroth.

He writes a short but powerful work, pointing preachers to learn directly from the teaching ministry of Jesus. This is excellent material, a true encouragement for those committed to expository preaching, in season and out of season.

Abendroth writes, "The ultimate priority for the revived church is preaching. The pulpit lies at the heart of the church."

And if the pulpit lies at the heart of the church, then where should the church and the preacher turn to find the standard for preaching? Abendroth answers:

“While there are many definitions and descriptions of preaching today, Jesus’ preaching must be the unchanging standard for all who dare teach the Bible. Preaching fads come and go, yet the manner and method of the Lord’s preaching is always relevant, and worthy to be emulated.”

Take a look at the table of contents to get a feel for Abendroth’s understanding of Jesus’ preaching:

1. Jesus viewed preaching as preeminent.

2. Jesus preached with a high view of Scripture.

3. Jesus preached Christ, and Him crucified.

4. Jesus preached doctrine.

5. Jesus preached as a herald.

6. Jesus preached discipleship.

7. Jesus preached for a verdict.

8. Jesus was an expository preacher.

Throughout the book, the living influences of Abendroth are easy to spot (and appreciate): Bryan Chapell, John Piper, John MacArthur, Danny Akin, Al Mohler, Steve Lawson, and Hershael York. And what Abendroth leads us to admire about the writings of these men is that they challenge us toward a Christ-centered, Christ-emulating method of preaching in our own pulpits.

Where Abendroth brings zesty fresh thought is in the close of each chapter where he gives action-oriented application to the principles of the chapter. What is outstanding is that he provides ideas for both preachers and congregations. How should a preacher preach? How should a congregation hear? Abendroth gives answers for both group. He truly desires for this book to be read by both pastor and people in the pew.

Do not miss getting a copy of this book.