10 Secrets to the Best Education for Your Child

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Discerning Reader Editorial Review

Reviewed 07/19/2006 by Tim Challies.

Recommended. A valuable resource for parents.

Kevin Swanson believes that a successful education is achieved when a child is prepared to make maximal use of his God-given talents and abilities in the accomplishment of the child's calling.  With great passion, he writes a series of 10 principles for achieving the best education for our children.  Swanson’s list of “10 Time-Tested Secrets for a Successful Education” are:

1.      The preeminence of character

2.      Quality one-on-one instruction

3.      The principle of protection

4.      The principle of individuality

5.      The routing in relationships

6.      The principle of doing the basics well

7.      The principle of life integration

8.      Maintaining the honor and mystique of learning

9.      Build on the right foundation

10.  The principle of wise, sequential progression

It is obvious that Mr. Swanson favors homeschooling as the best option for living out the ten principles. However he is still able to challenge those whose children are in other schooling environments as well as teachers themselves. Some of these principles would have really helped me out when I taught in a Christian Academy a few years ago.

This book gives adequate critique of the problems in modern education, and also supplies many solutions to those problems. There is an obvious indebtedness to the teaching of Doug Phillips of Vision Forum Ministries.  Although he only references them one time, he gives the same analysis and historical understanding of the sickness of modern education. You may not agree with all of Mr. Swanson's conclusions, but you will appreciate his passion for providing students with a distinctively Christian education that captivates the mind and heart of the students. I heartily recommend this book as a resource for Christian parents in determining how they can best educate their children.