Book review: Most of All Jesus Loves You

June 26, 2017

Most of All Jesus Loves You

Publisher: Crossway

Reviewer: Discerning Reader Team

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Recommended: Yes

This is bound to be a short review of a simple book, yet it seems a review of Most of All, Jesus Loves You! by Noel Piper is sorely needed because of some misunderstandings and/or expectations that the Christian public has regarding the Piper name.

Not too long ago Mrs. Piper (wife of the illustrious John Piper) was taken to task on Amazon’s reader reviews for the lack of theological ballast in this book. Mrs. Piper even had the grace to respond with a personal apology to those parents whose expectations were so brutally dashed. But she did point out that the book’s audience was the younger toddler between age 2 and 3, a demographic that is woefully devoid of Christian material. Mrs. Piper and her illustrator, Debby Anderson, obviously perceived the need and produced this little book, which my toddler still enjoys even though he is now a young child. Every night when I tuck him in, I paraphrase the title, asking him, “How much does Daddy love you?” He answers, “So much!” with arms spread wide. Then I ask, “How much does Jesus love you?” He smiles and whispers, “Even more.” So you see, this little book of 16 pages and far less than 100 words has accomplished what it set out to do.

Available on Amazon

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